Hassan Akmal (Public Figure) is a former Right to Play International Athlete Ambassador to the United States, and U.C.L.A. collegiate and pro tennis player. Hassan Akmal's tennis career led him in a direction that not many can take, from traveling around the world while on the pro tour, to discovering and uncovering health disparities as the President of Invitation Relief, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Forced Migration and Health. Now,  he's working towards building a legacy and is dedicated to helping people of different backgrounds achieve their purpose as a Career Mastermind. 

Akmal's Video Resume is entitled "Next Steps". It is a contemporary approach that captures the importance of vision, passion and purpose, as well as growth traits, personal branding and multi-layered social media in career development. He argues that not only are these elements the key to maximizing careers, but they are the gates to growing life's fulfillment. "A Video Resume has personality," Akmal says, "and markets a career seeker's soft skills such as enthusiasm and passion."



"Every single on of you has a purpose. It's developed from your passion. And when one is on point with that purpose, it can help change the world for the better."


-Hassan Akmal

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