Hassan Akmal, an alumnus of Columbia University (M.P.H. 2004), joined the School of Professional Studies as the Inaugural Executive Director of Industry Relations and Career Strategies in May 2017 after a very successful career as a Visionary, Career Thought Leader, Chair of Career Education and Director of Career Services at multiple locations across the United States in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.  He founded the Career Design Lab at Columbia University and is a Lecturer in the Applied Analytics and Strategic Communications programs. As a change agent, he’s committed to coaching proactive career-seekers who will strengthen multilevel innovation in our global marketplace. With almost 10 years of experience leading career services in several higher education institutions, he aims to foster a school and university-wide, living, celebratory career culture that’s visibly vibrant, diverse, and — breathes success.


In 2015, he pioneered a connector model based on customized connections and communities entitled “BRIDGE: Building Relationships and Interconnectedness Directed towards Graduation and Educational (and Career) Pathways” at Loyola University Chicago. He also re-imagined the career services model by redirecting students to “inner“ view themselves and connect their passion to purpose, crystallizing positive career outcomes and transformational trends in career development and experiential education in the process. By leveraging the career ecosystem that’s readily available, he believes we can help build dreams and witness their impact on humanity.


Akmal is was a Chief Executive Officer for a public benefit charity for displaced persons and health for over ten years, past Global Health and Career Development Adjunct Professor, Financial Advisor for UBS Financial Services and Business Development Manager. Akmal, a former professional tennis player, completed his undergraduate studies at U.C.L.A. where he was a member of the top ranked nationally men’s tennis team. Later, he completed a five-year prestigious contract as the International Right to Play Athlete Ambassador to the United States. He participated in series of international ambassador trainings hosted in Toronto, Montreal and New York (Columbia University) for this select group. Later, he completed his M.B.A. in International Business.


Additionally, Akmal has served on the External Advisory Board for Health Systems Management at the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing and as a Loyola Chapter Faculty Advisor for Aahana, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the education of social inequalities to empower communities. Athletics, fitness, social justice, social enterprise and social responsibility are deep passions of his.


Akmal is writing a book that teaches individuals to capture the importance of vision, personal branding in multi-layered social media, and growth competencies. He argues that not only are the elements of passion and purpose the keys to maximizing careers, but they are socially responsible gates to growing life's fulfillment. 


Akmal, a Director of University and Business Career Services and Adjunct Professor, is an Author and is writing a new book on the purpose of life, its human element and humanity. In 2006, he created an umbrella organization "Invitation" which is made up of smaller organizations, one which focuses on public health issues titled "Invitation Relief" and another titled "Invitation to the Truth", a peace organization and project of Invitation Relief. Invitation Relief is a 501 3 (c) Tax-Exempt not-for-profit corporation for Forced Migration and Health. 


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