Career Development Thought Leader Launches Progressive, Integrative Video Résumé/CV Demonstrating How to Make Breakthroughs and a Marketing Impact in a Tough Economy

NEW YORK CITY, New York PRWEB , 08/07/2013

Hassan Akmal, M.P.H., (Public Figure) has revolutionized Career Professional Development and Marketing by launching a creative, exciting, original, and innovative Video Resume that "tells a story" — connecting Passion to Purpose.

"To Be the Most Complete": Hassan Akmal, M.P.H., M.B.A., Launches a New Umbrella Organization Called INVITATION for Peace, Human Development and Assistance

MANHATTAN, New York PRWEB , 07/08/2011

Hassan Akmal, has created an umbrella organization called "Invitation" made up of smaller organizations, one which will focus on public health issues titled "Invitation Relief", a non-profit focused on the relationship between forced migration and health, and another titled "Invitation to the Truth", a peace organization. Invitation Relief is a 501 3 (c) Tax-Exempt not-for-profit corporation. Akmal's reason to create two organizations was to demonstrate that humanitarian efforts can take place to increase efforts to promote peace, education, and tolerance to its recipient communities.

AKMAL, The Power of Poise - Public Health Professional Launches Non-Profit Campaign for Multiple Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children in India

INDIA, PRWEB , 05/28/2008

Ethereal Compassion and Understanding Manifests Social Responsibility: Hassan Akmal, M.P.H., launches campaign to redefine the words "disabled" and "handicapped" in an underserved society of stigma, hope, and pain. Amidst blind orphaned children singing songs of hope in a number of languages, deaf children dancing to vibrations of music, mentally challenged teenagers not having enough food to eat and only tea for dinner, an inspiration to live and to pray until the morning is discovered. © 2018

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